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Medical Assist Support Technologies (MAST)/Autonomous Care and Evacuation (ACE)

The Autonomous Care and Evacuation (ACE) research portfolio advances artificial intelligence (AI), virtual health technologies, and medical robotic and autonomous system (Med-RAS) capabilities to optimize medical care for Service Members. Intelligent data-driven, semiautonomous, and autonomous technologies support initial and sustained integrated virtual health and trauma care decision recommendations through the application of AI, advanced communications, and cyber security. The ACE portfolio focuses on the development of advanced technological systems that are integrated and intelligent, to include advanced monitoring and autonomous care platforms that optimize the care of combat casualties throughout the continuum of care. Collectively, these capabilities extend the capacity of the Military Health System to provide a cohesive environment in multi-domain operations (MDO) contributing to:

  • Development of forward-deployed intelligent trauma systems to enhance triage and medical regulating capabilities and optimize the medical common operating picture
  • Creation of synchronous and Asynchronous health systems through clinical decision support, interoperable communications, tele-health/tele-monitoring solutions, and enhanced medical documentation
  • Development of semiautonomous and autonomous critical care systems to improve survival and return Warfighters to the fight.