BRIssc_main.pngBattlefield Resuscitation For Immediate Stabilization Of Combat Casualties (BRISCC)

The Battlefield Resuscitation for Immediate Stabilization of Combat Casualties Portfolio focuses on improving hemorrhage control and resuscitation following combat related injury. Research ranges from basic discovery research all the way through clinical development. Portfolio staff concentrates on developing interventional strategies and countermeasures for areas of blood products, fluid resuscitation, prolonged field care, coagulopathy, and pathophysiologic response to traumatic hemorrhage. The overall vision of the portfolio is to provide safer, more effective, more logistically-supportable blood and blood products, and to mitigate the consequences of hemorrhage.

The portfolio’s main goal is to develop disruptive technologies to rapidly triage and/or provide immediate resuscitation interventions to return the injured Warfighter back to mission critical Multi-Domain Operations (MDO).

This portfolio focuses on:

  • Providing improved methods and devices for early detection of Coagulopathy of Trauma (COT) and Shock
  • Providing new therapeutics to mitigate the consequences of compressible and non-compressible hemorrhage
  • Supports the development of advanced blood products with the following attributes:
    • Longer shelf-life (beyond 14 days)
    • Pathogen Reduced
    • Blood products which are blood type “universal”
    • Have reduced or zero cold-chain requirements
    • demonstrate increase hemostatic potential
    • a combined therapeutic consisting of an (hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier, coagulation factors and hemostatic agent or drug)


Oxygen Carrier Meeting Downloads [ 2017 ]