ecls_vest_main1.pngProlonged Field Care

The Prolonged Field Care portfolio seeks to drive medical innovation that will ultimately address military-relevant gaps across the spectrum of trauma care from the point of prehospital physiological stabilization to definitive care outside the theatre operations. These efforts include: emergency, surgical, and critical care as well as prolonged care, and care in austere, remote, and resource-limited environments. The portfolio’s overarching goal is to reduce morbidity and mortality, and accelerate return to duty by conducting research and developing new technologies, devices, and procedures to advance medical capabilities. To achieve the overarching goal we will work to:

  • Prevent, diagnose, treat combat injuries including extremity trauma, organ failure, burn, and shock
  • Increase understanding of secondary injury mechanisms and pathological effects of treatment
  • ​Enhance autonomous care capabilities to increase survival and recovery from combat-related injury



Optimize emergency, surgical, critical & intensive care treatment capabilities to enable use at the point of need, in austere and resource limited environments.

Secondary injury cascades and the pathophysiologic effects of acute treatments.

Develop advanced diagnostic capabilities to be used for forward, with minimal logistic footprint, throughout the duration of prolonged care scenarios.