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Journal Articles

Journal of the American College of SurgeonsA Shared Ethos (PDF)Mary Margaret Knudson, MD, FACS, CAPT Eric E Elster, MD, FACS, (US Navy),BRIG GEN Jonathan Woodson, MD, FACS, (US Army), Garrett Kirk, MPH, Patricia Turner, MD, FACS
Endovascular TodayA Team Approach to Endovascular Management of Hemorrhagic Shock (PDF)Todd E. Rasmussen, MS; Megan Brenner, MD
The Journal of Trauma and Acute Care SurgeryAhead of the Curve - Sustained Innovation for Future Combat Casualty Care (PDF)Rasmussen, Todd E. MD; Baer, David G. PhD; Cap, Andrew P. MD, PhD; Lein, Brian C. MD
Defense AT&LBridging the Technology Valley of Death (PDF)Anthony E. Pusateri, Ph.D., Victor W. Macdonald, Ph.D., Michael B. Given, Ph.D., Scott F. Walter, P.E., W. Keith Prusaczyk, Ph.D.
Joint Force QuarterlyChallenges to Improving Combat Casualty Survival on the Battlefield (PDF)Robert L. Mabry
The Journal of Trauma and Acute Care SurgeryCombat Casualty Care - Partnering for Preparedness (PDF)Kyle N. Remick, MD; David G. Baer, PhD; Todd E. Rasmussen, MD
Army AL & T MagazineIn the 'Golden Hour' (PDF)Todd E. Rasmussen, MD; David G. Baer, PhD; RADM Bruce A. Doll; Joseph Caravalho Jr.
Combat & Casualty Care MagazineMagnifying Focus on Restorative Care (PDF)Col. Michael R. Davis
Journal of the American Medical AssociationNo Drift (PDF)Todd E. Rasmussen, MD; David G. Baer, PhD
TransfusionPlatelet Storage - A License to Chill (PDF)Andrew P. Cap, MD, PhD
Army AL & T MagazineSpeeding Combat Casualty Care (PDF)Ramin A. Khalili
Journal Of NeurotraumaSynergy in Science and Resources (PDF)Todd E. Rasmussen, MD; Alicia T. Crowder, PhD
Combat & Casualty Care MagazineTailoring Casualty Care to the Burgeoning Battlefield (PDF)Col. Michael R. Davis
Military MedicineWhy Military Medical Research (PDF)Todd E. Rasmussen, MD; Patricia A. Reilly, PhD; David G. Baer, PhD